What if there are things you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

Loving Your Athletic Body- A Cheer-Esteem Story

"I'm too big to fly Mom." A blow to the gut came as I watched my daughter's tears roll down her cheeks; her amazing muscular body that can flip head over heels across the floor wasn't skinny enough.  Spending the weekend at the World Cheerleading competition in...

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The Way You’ve Only Dreamed – a poem

The Way You've Only Dreamed by Laura Probert [Photo from Unsplash.com] Do the big, hard thing and feel how your lungs expand with a breath so sweet and free you remember who you are again. Say the thing you’re afraid to say and feel how your body melts with a release...

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Turn Up the Music

  Literally and figuratively - we must surround ourselves with the vibrations we desire. The sounds we admire, the love that inspires. It’s our choice to find the music in our lives, to decide to flip the switch to on, and spin the volume dial up. It’s our duty...

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