The Hard Work of Letting Things be Easy

Growing up, straight A’s were the goal. Perfection. Achieving less than that meant not good enough.  Imagine; less than perfect = not enough. Fast forward past school to first job. A perfect performance appraisal was the goal. Secondarily the maximum amount of... read more

What to do When You Feel Like Giving Up

I listen to a lot of self help, educational, self-development and inner inquiry stuff. It’s like my hobby. I’ve currently finished Marie Forleo’s B-School and as a part of a bonus I received Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Business course. The quote... read more

Knowing You’re Doing the Right Thing

I’ve been wanting to write about my eagle ever since this happened. Of course I posted in Facebook about the events that week – getting an up close and in person visit with one of the most magnificent birds that exist on the planet. But what I didn’t... read more


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