The Brave Healers Mastermind


The Brave Healers Mastermind
For doing the healing that’ll help you live the life you crave and change the world at the same time!

What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

MAYBE you can relate:
*The job you’ve been so passionate about starts burning you out and you begin to question what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, it’s time to make a change, but you don’t know how. 

*You feel like you can’t speak up, you have no voice with the people who’re supposed to matter the most and most days have you feeling tight and little more than content. It’s time to heal your voice and be out loud in the world…but you’re afraid.

*You look around and realize you have everything you’re supposed to ever want and you’re still feeling like something’s missing, like life isn’t as fun as you thought it would be at this point, and you’re aching to find joy again, but you’re not sure what needs to shift to make it happen.

*You’re waking up to how you’re living from fear, and shame, or old childhood wounds and those ways of being don’t serve the you that’s healing and emerging now..but you’re not sure what to do to find the alignment you crave.

*Your big fat dreams have a hold on you and are shaking you awake, but the people around you don’t understand or support those dreams and you’re afraid to really go for everything you know will make you happy. You’re following everyone else’s rules, and your soul’s suffocating.

*You’ve started to hear the call of your purpose and mission and know you’re meant to help heal the world but you’re not sure how to quiet the voices keeping you small or take the action you know you need to take.

*The business you’ve created is wearing you down, and the goals you thought you had don’t feel right anymore, but you’re afraid to make the changes you know would create the freedom, ease and joy you desire. It’s time to be brave, but you’re afraid you’ll fail. 

*You feel a deep need to do the healing work that’ll transform you, mind, body and soul, from a quiet, apologetic good girl to the fully self-expressed, fearless, wild, raw and sensual warrior goddess you feel inside, but you’re not sure how to get there.

*You’re desperately craving a tribe that’ll support your dreams and goals, but it never seems like you attract those kinds of people and you don’t know where to find them. You feel alone and a little crazy, and wonder if you should just give it all up and keep your day job.

I hear you. I am you.

And I created this program to help you make the changes you’re desperately aching to make; the ones that’ll change the game and help you live the fiercely alive life you crave to live. It’s THIS healing work that changes the world!

The 2017 Mastermind is ALREADY underway! If you’d like a spot on the waiting list for 2018, please email me at and let me know!

Registration is by interview only. To request an application, please email me at with the subject line: Mastermind 

You’ll answer a few short questions by email and then I’ll follow up with a phone call if needed to make sure this program is the right fit for you! 
What’s the investment? $597 for the 12 week program. 

THE BRAVE HEALERS MASTERMIND is for healer entrepreneurs aching to up-level their life and business, ready to reclaim and heal their worth, voice, passion, power and purpose, and willing to do the healing work to get there. It’s for you if you’re ready to live with more ease, joy, passion and fun!

My intention is to aim toward these specific outcomes by the end of our 12 weeks:

1. You’ll wake up every day with a default mindset (of gratitude, positivity and on-purpose-driven thoughts) that’s aligned with how you want to feel in life and biz, and what you desire for your life and biz.

2. If you don’t know exactly how you want to feel or what you want – then this course will help you get there.

3. You’ll be really great at the practice of awareness and to be able to use it every single day when normal life is getting you down – so IF you’re derailed, it’s only momentary and you can get back to feeling awesome very quickly.

4. You’ll develop a daily routine that fills you up and creates overflow – so the clients you serve are served from that rich, healthy, nourishing place. This will not only make you happy, it will make them happy and that will help you grow word of mouth business.

5. You’ll practice moving through the feelings that aren’t so good and doing the “healing” that creates space for shift/transformation of thoughts, beliefs and actions. This “skill” is the kind of work I’m interested in – in changing the way you feel, think, believe and act – so that it’s aligned with what you really want. This course will facilitate that process- I will teach you how to do that for yourself! 

What else….

This 12 week journey will bring you through insecurity, doubt, pain and fear to confidence, clarity, freedom and courage. I’ll use holistic and authentic healing, awareness, writing and sacred discussion to shift and transform what holds you back and gets you stuck to what inspires and empowers you on a daily basis so your life becomes a positive, on-purpose, healthy, magical expression of your unique and badass self.

Who am I?
I’m Laura Di Franco, MPT, a holistic physical therapist and healer for over 23 years, published author, poet, workshop leader, speaker and third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

After following the life to-do list of a normal, good girl I achieved my master’s degree, found my husband, had two kids and built a business. I had everything, until I got sick, exhausted and discontent and resentment overpowered my daily thoughts. I knew this wasn’t how my life should feel but I was stuck in old, conditioned patterns of obligation, guilt, unworthiness and fear. 

When I finally asked my husband for a divorce I was having daily chest pain. My soul was being suffocated and my body was telling me, loud and clear,  if I didn’t make a change something worse was going to happen. I’ll share my deal breaker moment during the course with you all…but I’ll say this; waking up inside the fearless, wild warrior that’s the true me has given me an experience of freedom like I’ve never tasted before, and I’m here doing this course because I want you to taste it too – it’s what we’re here on this planet to experience.

This’s a journey for the brave healer who…

~feels an intense, wild pull to be more herself
~is aching for more in life and business
~who’s tired of following the rules
~is ready to reclaim her worth, voice and passion
~knows there’s more possible
~knows it’s her sacred duty to do her own healing work
~is afraid but willing to do the work anyway
~takes consistent action on her dreams, desires and goals
~wants holistic and alternative ways to access a healing path
~has a beginners or learners mindset
~likes to collaborate with others and feel the energy of connection
~is a powerhouse healer/teacher/speaker/artist/writer ready to change the world
~wants to teach others
~wants to make a name for herself in the world
~wants to spark a movement of brave healers
~has a deep ache to feel more joy
~needs support on the journey
~wants a focused tribe of like-minded healers to journey with
~is badass and unapologetic about self-care (or it’s a goal)
~isn’t afraid to express herself, or is working on it
~has a healing business that feels draining or is in need of a shift
~wants to work smarter instead of harder
~is interested in mind body soul integration
~is curious as a default mindset
~is positive and on-purpose
~has a routine of healthy habits
~wants to up-level her discipline and self-growth/evolution
~loves to explore her own mind and soul
~loves discussions about stuff that matters
~is addicted to healing and has a mission to teach others
~likes to journal or write as a self-discovery tool
~is open to new things
~is spiritual 
~is healing her voice, worth or self-esteem
~practices awareness and knows it’s the key to everything
~is learning to listen to her intuition
~is ready to fight for a different life

I’ve been where you’re at…

My healing journey is one of over coming the childhood wounds of unworthiness, fear of speaking up, and a lifetime of doing and saying whatever people around me thought was right, instead of listening to my own soul.

By the time I knew what hit me I had everything I thought I ever wanted, including an awesome career, two awesome kids, a house, vacations and a retirement fund. Then I realized my life was missing one component; joy.

Nothing was “bad” but I ached for more. More laughter, more joy, more romance, more adventure. I didn’t feel like working until I could retire, something my husband seemed to be doing.. My life became about making more money, so he could retire faster. My life became about following everyone else’s rules and settling for what seemed to be getting more and more painful…a life where I couldn’t express my true desires without feeling greedy, guilty, not enough, or too much.

I felt fear gripping my heart and choking my throat. The thought of speaking my mind made me shrivel up and cower. Confrontation? Not me. Telling you what I thought, even if was to preserve myself? Nope, I’d rather stay quiet, stuff it and suffer the consequences. Which became sharper and sharper chest pain.

When the discomfort became so intense I had to pay attention I started using everything I learned about body awareness, healing, writing and expression to heal my voice, overcome my fear and become fully expressed in my life. Shortly afterward I asked for a divorce. And the chest pain dissolved.

Everything’s connected.
The mind body and soul are never separated. To heal means we have to recognize and address our deepest fears, as well as our physical wounds. It’s time we do the work of authentic healing we’re meant to do so we can fully serve those we’re meant to serve; so we can teach other healers how to do that for themselves. 

How this program will go down:

We’ll meet for 12 weeks with a live online classroom session EST each week which will be recorded incase you can’t attend live. More details about days/times TBA.

Classroom sessions will each have a theme and will be followed by Q&A, sacred discussion and a weekly assignment that’ll help you integrate the material into your daily life and further enhance what we talked about. Themes for each week are listed here and are subject to change or the addition of more badass content as my intuition guides me: 

1. Awareness and intuition – the foundation of authentic healing starts by feeling…everything

2. Awareness of Mindset – addressing the inner critic and befriending the voices that keep you stuck)

3. Awareness of Fear – a different way to be brave by using fear and vulnerability as a compass

4. Integration week (no assignment)- we’ll talk about 1st three weeks and review, progress topics

5. Next Level (Badass) Awareness – Getting clarity by watching thoughts and deciding what you want 

6. Awareness of Your Vibration: Flipping the switch by changing your vibration and default thinking patterns to something that serves your dream 

7. Creating a Positive Discipline from Your Awareness- creating healthy routines for success (how to do what you already know you should do) A feel good discipline

8. Integration week (no assignment) We’ll discuss topics and fine tune practices

9. Awareness in Action -Feng Shui – healing by clearing and creating space, both internally and externally. 
10. Awareness in Action – The Magic of Making Self Care a Priority– A weekly practice that’s necessary for keeping your flow and achieving overflow

11. Awareness in Action – Being out loud by using writing and speaking for authentic self-expression – the language of the soul. 

12. Wrap up and support week – We’ll develop our sacred agendas this week (Q&A, and extra support and coaching for projects).

~You’ll be part of a dedicated Facebook group for questions and extra support during the 12 week course. You’ll be able to connect with each other there, and create a support system (part of what the mastermind is all about) that’s going to be the one, amazing badass tribe you’ve been looking for. 

~There will be bonuses for those wanting to use writing to promote their healing business.

~I’ll be available by email for any questions or extra support during our 12 weeks together. 

The Brave Healers Mastermind is an opportunity to fine-tune your awareness, heighten your intuition, become clear and unapologetic about your dreams and goals, and take on-purpose, soul-driven, and brave AF action toward them. It’s a chance to be part of a tribe that will help you stay accountable. And it’s a chance to have your own personal sherpa for the healing journey; ME! 

Registration is by interview only. To request an application, please email me today at with the subject line: Mastermind 

You’ll answer a few short questions by email and then I’ll follow up with a phone call if needed to make sure this program is the right fit for you! What’s the investment? $597 

My Bio:
Laura Di Franco Probert is a holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, blogger, and black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. Her programs combine the transformational tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you want for your life.

Her writing’s been featured in the following amazing places:
The Elephant Journal
The Huffington Post
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TKD Times Magazine
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Laura’s enthusiasm and passion for this work is contagious and the spark you’ll need to finally make the change you’ve been afraid to make. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for! When she’s not igniting transformation in her clients you’ll find her writing, hanging with her kids, dogs or a horse, or taste testing dark chocolate. Find her at these places online:
Facebook Biz Page
Facebook Poetry Page
Free Facebook Group – The Brave Healers Mastermind and Refuge

Not sure you’re ready for a 12 week intensive program? It’s the action you take toward your dreams that matters in the end. Wishing, hoping and positive thinking your way to your dreams will not make them come true. The power behind your dreams is the feeling, vibration and actions you take that are aligned with those dreams.

I’m going to nudge you, support you, drag you and encourage you along the way. You’re not alone. Now’s the time to make the change. Life’s short. Start living it on your own terms. Today. 

Email me at using the subject line: Mastermind, for an application for this program! Get your spot now!

I look forward to knowing you and doing this sacred work together!