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"I write to Feng Shui my soul." Laura Probert

“I write to Feng Shui my soul.” Laura Probert

For healers who are looking to get their brave message out into the world in a bigger way, whether that means starting your own blog, breathing life into an existing blog, or submitting your work to an online magazine, I’m here to help you with every big, brave step!

Brave Writer Boost / $25 
Just want me to read, proof and make suggestions? I’ll do that! (up to 1500 words).

Send me your already written piece and we’ll boost it to the next level of badass. This includes up to 2 email exchanges after you send your thing.

Brave Writer Elevation Hour / $100 per hour 
For a piece up to 1500 words. Includes:
*A 20 minute chat to brainstorm ideas and create clarity and awesomeness around your message.
*A quick, basic proof-read
*We’ll come up with an engaging title
*We’ll organize the flow of your piece
*We’ll make your writing fun and easy to read
*We’ll get your article ready to publish on your blog or submit to an online magazine

Brave Writer Super-Powered Package – $950 – I’m your coach for 2 weeks. (Limited availability)
For a piece up to 1500 words. Includes:
*Everything in the Boost and Elevation
*Two 20 minute brainstorming chats
*We’ll choose an online publication to submit to
*I’ll assist you with every step of the submissions process
*I’ll be your personal badass cheerleader and resource for two weeks!
*Unlimited email exchanges
*I’ll share my secrets for getting your big, brave message out into the world and how to attract readers who like, comment and share your writing!

What my clients are saying:

“Laura’s guidance and talent with what it takes to write an article was absolutely invaluable.  Her words of encouragement gave me the confidence to get something written that I felt was worthy of trying to get published!  Plus, her insight had me looking forward to writing instead of dreading it – thanks Laura!”
Jennifer Wilson, PT, PMA®-CPT

I have loved writing for as long as I can think. Off and on I wrote, mostly in my journals.

2015 came around and I had the burning desire to not just write, but use my writing for my business. I wanted to share it, I wanted to write a blog, I wanted to eventually write the book I have been working on for years. English is my second language, so I had to overcome some hurdles there as well.

I am Yoga teacher and Phönix Rising Yoga Therapist. I am a healer. I know of the power of acting and speaking your truth. But I had not faced it in my writing. There I was hiding inside the white pages of my books. Now I learned that writing and sharing it is healing.

I found Laura first through her 10-day Warrior Writing online challenge. I loved it, my pen got moving. The fire was lit. The exercised she sent brought forth a long desired flow into my writing.

I joined her for her 6-week Writing for Warrior Healing online course. You must do it if you want to write!

Sharing what I wrote and getting Laura’s feedback helped me grow in my writing life much faster then I envisioned. In the meantime I started up my Yoga business again und kept writing. Laura encourages you to keep writing even if everything in- and around you shouts:

Stop. You have better things to do!

I wrote the entries to my website including my first blog. Supported through Laura’s online writing service I learned to polish it, make it shine and I learned to trust my voice.

Laura got back to me quickly with editing what I wrote and like magic send out messages that asked you to keep going, to grab her hand because you don’t have to do it alone.

I always wanted to have support like I have now. You still need to do the writing:-). If you do, there is power and joy in sharing and grabbing someones hand.

Thank you Laura!

“Thanks for a fantastic experience. I loved the focus of your class so much! It’s really important as we reinvent ourselves due to whatever reasons, to write our journey. The strangest things come from my fingertips when I just let myself go with the flow and not try to edit my thoughts as I write them.”

Writing for Warrior Healing – 6 Week Online Group Course (you can click for more info)

My signature 6 week online group course starts May 1, 2016.

Get ready to peel the layers of doubt, fear and shame off your soul and get to the light you yearn to shine onto the world.

This course uses powerful tools of awareness and writing to get to the stuff that’s stuck and keeps you from living brave. You’ll get in touch with your intuition and inner healer and explore your voice on the page in a way that creates profound insights and transformation. Your writing will never be the same! 

“When I began Laura Probert’s Writing for Warrior Healing course, I didn’t know what to expect. I was sure I would discover new things about myself as I walked my healing journey. But I didn’t foresee the gift of an “Aha!” moment sparking a concept for explaining character development to my writing students and editing clients.
While I dived deep into awareness of my body’s reactions to the lessons, I discovered a lightness of soul I thought long lost. The compassionate, creative people Laura attracts to her courses and working in the sacred space we held for each other, brought joy to my life again. Laura has keen insight into the ways we block ourselves, and gently guides us to free our voices.”

Suzanne Gochenouer

READ MORE and register for the group course HERE

Email me at with your questions or to set up a chat to discuss the options!

You’re a brave healer! It’s time to shine your light and change the world!