Couples Healing Workshop

The couples healing workshop is something I created when clients started to ask me if I could teach certain techniques to their husbands or wives. It’s an amazing session where I teach you and a partner hands-on stretching  and myofascial release techniques that you can safely perform on each other! 

If your partner has tightness or pain that effects their daily life, that also effects the lives of everyone living with them. Being able to help your loved one by doing a healing technique when they most need it is wonderful. 

At the couples healing workshop you’ll learn:

How to perform hands-on stretches 
How to perform myofascial release techniques
How to communicate with each other so that techniques feel great
An amazing new way to bond with your partner and create intimacy through touch
How to use your presence and awareness for healing

This workshop is 2 hours and is by appointment only.
I can take one couple, or up to three, so you can do this with friends if you like. 
It makes an awesome gift!

Email me if you have questions!

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