wildsisIt’s been a big year for me and my writing. This week I received another request for my writing. Last month I asked the Universe and the full moon to make me a sought-after writer. Evidently my wish is their command. Is this a tale of badass manifestation or luck? Hmm… I like to think I’ve honed in my manifesting skills actually. Yeah, this one was all me.

But something better than that happened this week. I helped one of my writer colleagues get a gig she’d been hoping to get. And here was the moment I totally got Danielle LaPorte’s whole Desire Map theory – it’s about the feeling. It’s about how you want to feel, not about how that happens.

The feeling I had being able to help someone like that…wow, I’m having trouble describing it. Powerful? Influential? Worthy? Important? It was less ego and more life’s purpose poking into my being with those little goosebumps. THAT feeling. Yes. That. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Every book on success tells you you must figure out your big burning why before you can expect to make it. If your why isn’t big or burning enough, you haven’t figured it out yet. It should bring tears when you discover it.

I sat in the car talking to my mom the other day and she asked me about how my writing class was going. Before I could answer that unexpected knot-in-throat, “Oh shit I’m about to burst into tears and she’s going to think I’m gravely ill or something” cry happened. “Mom, this is going to sound corny, but I think I was born for this.”

Yeah, this feeling. Helping my friend have her successful moment was it. It was a feeling that I’d discovered what I was meant to do with a deal breaker sort of sureness. That I had the courage, knowledge, connection and ability to create a moment like that for someone else…pure bliss mixed with crystal clarity and effortless knowing. That’s close to how it felt anyhow.

Lucky me, right?

Okay, but now I want you to imagine everyone running around with a mission to help each other have these moments…an Aha, a success, a move in the right direction. Imagine all the people (Sing it with me) full to the brim with enthusiasm and giving from an overflow, rather than living from fear of competition, “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t matter,” or “I’ll never succeed.”

What if we all focused on giving our own gifts no matter what? On creating magic for others just by being our awesome selves, coming from a place of love instead of fear? Wouldn’t we in turn be creating the same thing for ourselves in the process?

If your thing is writing awesome copy and you teach me how to do it and my course sells because of it, I am surely going to tell everyone about you. If you help me know my soul’s calling and my whole life changes because my focus is now on my passion, be sure – everyone will know about you. If you go out of your way to help me understand the accounting for my business (Good luck with that) so that my business runs smoother and more successfully, I’m going to recommend you to my friends.

Even if you do the exact same business as me…if you help me it’s going to come back around to you. I’m more interested in the possibilities of our collaboration than afraid of you stealing my clients.

So instead of worrying about the competition, or focusing on lack, or wondering if you’re good enough or wasting time on thoughts or actions that don’t serve your purpose or dreams…go help someone.

The energy of this is palpable. Be your shining self, do the thing you love to do, teach what you know, help others when you can with their dreams…and you create more of how you want to feel. 

Back to feeling now – that powerful, blissed-out, on-purpose, magical feeling. You want some, I know you do.

We are all one. Give and receive. Receive and give. When in doubt, be grateful and give.

There’s one caveat here. You must have filled your own tank before this all works. Self-love people. Self-worth. Find those first, then this will all feel like a cake walk.

Be aware often enough to catch yourself when you’ve fallen into the pit of “I’m not good enough,” and climb out on the rope that is dangling in front of you labeled “Help someone else,” before you are so stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pit you forget to look up.

Who can I help be a writer today?

Who can I guide on their healing journey?

Join me in the comments and let’s start an Aha party. It IS that easy. You CAN do it.

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