The Way You’ve Only Dreamed
by Laura Probert
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Do the big, hard thing
and feel how your lungs expand
with a breath so sweet
and free
you remember who you are again.

Say the thing you’re afraid to say
and feel how your body melts
with a release so warm
and deep
you believe the truth of your soul.

Dream the thing too big to dream
and feel how your spirit catches fire
with a flame so bright
and hot
it fuels your plan to heal the world.

Choose to make joy your purpose
and feel how your life flows
with an ease so smooth
and graceful
it reminds you of your magic.

Give yourself permission to be yourself in every moment
and feel how your body, mind and soul align
with a power so wild
and raw
the world sits up to notice.

Do the thing
Speak your mind
Choose joy
Be yourself
and watch your journey unfold
the way you only dreamed it could be.