Write to Heal 1/2 Day Workshop

Starting to feel an ache about wanting more?

Tired of following everyone else’s rules and ready to make your own?

Content, but not turned on in your life?

Know you’re ready to live a more exceptional, adventurous, ecstatic life, but not sure how to get there?

This powerful workshop WILL get you closer to where you want to be in your life. It’ll challenge you to question the way you think and believe and inspire you to take a different kind of action; the kind that’ll light you up, tune you in and turn you on. Join me! 

Ready to explore your soul?

Interested in learning the language of your intuition to gain badass clarity in your life?

Want to gather with like-minded souls and feel the energy of your tribe?

Want powerful healing tools that’ll change your perspective?

Next Course Date: TBA

Fee: $50
Where: Bodyworks Physical Therapy
7618 Carteret Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
 Ph: (703)915-3653 

“I found Laura Probert’s writing course at a crisis point in my journey with chronic illness. I had no idea how absolutely transformative the experience would be. I emerged from the course with a clearer sense of identity and purpose. I recommend her course to friends and patients constantly!”

Dr. Ilana Goldberg, D.C.

Join me as we take a journey through the body and mind and into the soul. We’ll use simple tools for powerful healing, connecting you to a place you may not have known existed.

Get ready to:

*Enhance your awareness and intuition 

*Get in touch with feeling the body and the messages it’s sending

*Use journaling as a powerful tool to unlock secrets to your healing

*Shift your energy, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and choose healthier ones

*Create an environment that aligns with your purpose and supports your healing

*Take an amazing journey that helps you redefine healing and transform the way you live

*Join a tribe of like-minded, heart-centered souls who get it

Here’s what a few more people have said about this workshop:

“You don’t have to be a writer to enroll in “Write to Heal” but chances are, you will be one by the end of the class. Whether you long for healing from physical ailments, emotional wounds, or even financial upheaval, Laura has gifts to offer you. The work is challenging, and you will dig deep inside yourself – but Laura’s gentle healing guidance, and the support of instant intimacy among your classmates, will keep you safe as you start to discover just what it is that you thinks ails you. Prepare for a life-changing experience, because that is what you will get.”

Helen Z, Falls Church , VA

“Thanks for a fantastic experience. I loved the focus of your class so much! It’s really important as we reinvent ourselves due to whatever reasons, to write our journey. The strangest things come from my fingertips when I just let myself go with the flow and not try to edit my thoughts as I write them.”


“This adventure in writing was an incredible experience which I would not want to have missed. It was full of self-discovery and grasping the power of journaling as a path to healing. Our group was diverse in backgrounds as well as united in a common bond of finding writing as a path not only to healing but reflection and joy. I not only discovered the art of journaling but increased my own body awareness through meditation and relaxation; something I can take with me for a lifetime. Laura’s prompts, modeling of her own writing, and instructional formats were amazing. They helped to provide a process that resulted in an experience full of introspection, “a hah” moments, surprises, creativity and inner peace.”
Carol S, Alexandria, VA

“Laura Probert has a simple but powerful belief that writing is a great healing tool, and she will teach you how to use it. Her prompts and guidance help even the most reluctant wordsmith put pen to paper in a way that mends the heart and soul.”
Lori Woerhle, Managing Partner at Leapfrog Group

“The writing class reinforced and made clearer the feelings I want in my life. I could feel the feelings of joy, feeling alive, excited, accepted, being myself, healthy. That’s what I want. Thank you so much Laura. What a powerful and healing class you created. My warrior soul and spirit thank you.”

“When I began Laura Probert’s writing course, I didn’t know what to expect. I was sure I would discover new things about myself as I walked my healing journey. But I didn’t foresee the gift of an “Aha!” moment sparking a concept for explaining character development to my writing students and editing clients.

While I dived deep into awareness of my body’s reactions to the lessons, I discovered a lightness of soul I thought long lost. The compassionate, creative people Laura attracts to her courses and working in the sacred space we held for each other, brought joy to my life again. Laura has keen insight into the ways we block ourselves, and gently guides us to free our voices.”

Suzanne Gochenouer www.TransformationalEditor.com

Laura Di Franco Probert is a holistic physical therapist and published author with over two decades of healing experience. She’s created programs combining the transformational tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you want for your life. With the foundation of the amazing mind body work of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and the soulful, on-purpose, magic-making coaching of Torrie Pattillo, Laura takes you on a unique journey to your soul and teaches you how to listen when it speaks. Her enthusiasm and passion for this work is contagious; the spark you’ll need to finally make the change you’ve been afraid to make and learn the thing you need to learn that’ll change everything. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for!